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  • April 16 2019

    I’ve now been lucky to find myself living in Hawaii twice in my lifetime, and even though I felt it was too expensive for my budget to stay there forever, I still feel the ways that it has touched me every day. You don’t have to move there to let it touch you. You can definitely feel the energy of ...

  • April 16 2019

    There are lots of decisions to make when it comes to travel. Indeed, from questions of choosing your destination and duration, to budget, baggage and beyond, travel can sometimes feel like one never ending process of decision making. The decision to travel solo or in a group can be one that’s partic...

  • April 15 2019

    f you had asked me two years ago my favorite pastime, I never in a million years would have answered "sport fishing." Back then, I felt that angling just wasn't my scene. Now, after three amazing excursions in different parts of the country, sport fishing is one of my top things to do in Costa Rica...