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Holiday Destinations?? what are the best holiday destinations to visit??? and why that specific place?? Open


I think one of my favorite holidays was a cruise.  It was wonderful to wake up in a different country or place each morning.  It is also nice to have everything included.  There is one price for the whole vacation.  Once you are on board the ship, everything is included.  It was so neat to visit so many different places without having to pack up and change hotels.     The ship is also a destination in itself.  There is so much to do without ever leaving the ship.  There was even an iceskating rink on board.


Of course, for those of us who live in America, there is so much to see.  The Shenadohah Valley is absolutely gorgeous, old Southern cities such as Charlotte, N.C., and Savannah, Georgia, St. Augustine, Florida, are charming and historical (much beautiful architecture).  The West has a unique appeal, as does the East with Newport News and the historical areas, too.  But, in the U.S. there is no place like New Orleans, LA.


  The vieux carre (French Quarter) is a place where one can feel as though he/she has gone to Europe without leaving the country.  There are tours outside the city, too, of swamps, antebellum homes, museums, etc. And the food is superior to all other locations, without question, because of its quality and variety.  Katrina did not really affect this area (other than salt-washing the streets) and tourism is now better than ever there--no thanks to BP!